Why Is My HP Laptop Fan So Loud?

Why is my brand new laptop fan so loud?

Sometimes, loud fan noise issues may be triggered by software-related problems.

For example, Microsoft may release an update that’s not so well optimized and this may put a strain on your computer resources.

As a result, you machine will try to keep temperature under control by increasing fan speed..

How do I reduce fan noise?

Move the fan farther away from obstacles in front and behind the fan, if they exist. Generally, obstacles on the intake side of the fan increase the noise level more than those on its exhaust side. Reduce the revolutions per min of the fan, although this may also lower the airflow.

How do I clean my laptop fan?

Unplug the LaptopUnplug the Laptop.Unplug your laptop from any power source and place it upside-down, preferably on an anti-static mat.Remove the Bottom Panel.Remove the bottom panel of your laptop. … Hold the Fan in Place.Hold the fan in place with your finger, so that it does not rotate. … Clean the Fan with a Cloth.More items…

How do I turn off the fan noise in Windows 10?

How to Reduce Fan Noise in Windows 10 ComputerOpen Task Manager. … Now you need to locate processes that use a lot of your CPU power. … If you find any of these processes using your CPU power more than they should end them and see if the fan noise is lowered.More items…•

Can I use hair dryer to clean laptop?

2. Hold a can of compressed air upright and spray the air directly into the fan intake vents on the side and bottom of the laptop. If you don’t have compressed air, use a hair dryer on the “Cool” setting.

Should a laptop make noise?

Do laptops normally make noise? Whenever a laptop makes a noise, it’s usually because of the fan that’s used to cool it down. It’s characterized by a constant whizzing inside the machine that is accompanied by hot air that would typically come out from an air vent. To answer your question, no.

How do I reduce the fan noise on my HP laptop?

HP Notebook PCs – Fan Is Noisy and Spins Constantly (Windows)Step 1: Change the thermal profile in HP Command Center. … Step 2: Clean the air vents. … Step 3: Update the BIOS. … Step 4: Update the graphics driver. … Step 5: Use Task Manager to identify corrupt processes. … Step 6: Adjust the computer power settings. … Step 7: Increase the efficiency to reduce heat.More items…

Why is my laptop fan so loud all of a sudden?

The loudest component in your laptop is the fan, which spins faster when the laptop has more heat to dissipate. While some laptops naturally run louder than others. If there’s a sudden increase in noise from your computer, then the culprit is either due to something mucking up your hardware or changes in the software.

How do you fix a noisy laptop fan?

If your laptop has a noisy fan you can fix it with these six simple steps:Kill processes to keep the fan quiet.Mac users: reset SMC and PRAM.Keep your laptop cool.Clean your laptop.Use software to control your laptop fan speed.Get an expert to check the noisy laptop fan.

Is it bad for laptop fan to run constantly?

Like desktops, laptops can suck up a ton of dust. And because everything in a laptop is packed together so tightly, dust is even more dangerous. When the cooling fan has to run constantly, it’s just a matter of time before the machine starts overheating, locking up, and possibly even kicking the bucket.

Is it normal to hear your laptop fan?

Laptop fans expel air and make a soft to moderate audible sound under normal use. If your laptop’s fan is silent, the air near the vents is calm and the laptop is very hot, it’s likely that the fan is not working. … Make sure to replace a broken fan immediately to prevent hardware failure.

Should I clean laptop fan?

Dust clogs fans, vents, and heat sinks, preventing your PC from cooling down properly. … Dust build-up can prevent a PC from cooling down properly, and that heat can even cause hardware damage. Your laptop’s fans may also run at full blast, draining your battery. Your laptop may even reduce its performance to stay cool.

How can I clean my laptop fan without opening it?

Blowing the dust with a canned air also will just blow it up into the laptop. Yo really don’t need to disassemble much to get to the fan in most laptops. It’s just a matter of removing the bac cover, blowing off all the dust, and then putting the cover back on.