What Fraction Is The Same As 1 4?

What fraction is 7/8 equivalent to?

35/40So from 7/8 = 35/40, 35 is the answer.

7/8 and 35/40 are equivalent fractions..

How do you simplify fractions?

In order to simplify a fraction there must be:A number that will divide evenly into both the numerator and denominator so it can be reduced, or.The numerator must be greater than the denominator, (an improper fraction), so it can be converted to a mixed number.

How do you figure out equivalent fractions?

You can make equivalent fractions by multiplying or dividing both top and bottom by the same amount. You only multiply or divide, never add or subtract, to get an equivalent fraction. Only divide when the top and bottom stay as whole numbers.

Which is the largest fraction 3/4 or 7 8?

0.875 is greater than 0.75. Therefore, 7/8 is greater than 3/4 and the answer to the question “Is 7/8 greater than 3/4?” is yes. Note: When comparing fractions such as 7/8 and 3/4, you could also convert the fractions (if necessary) so they have the same denominator and then compare which numerator is larger.

What fraction is 3/4 equivalent to?

So we know that 3/4 is equivalent to 9/12, because 3×12=36 and 4×9=36. A simple way to look at how to check for equivalent fractions is to do what is called “cross-multiply”, which means multiple the numerator of one fraction by the denominator of the other fraction.

What is the mixed fraction?

A whole number and a fraction combined into one “mixed” number. Example: 1½ (one and a half) is a mixed fraction. (Also called a Mixed Number)

What percentage is 7 out of 8?

87.5%Fraction to percent conversion tableFractionPercent4/850%5/862.5%6/875%7/887.5%41 more rows

What is .875 as a fraction?

7/8875 as a fraction is 7/8. Here you can submit another decimal number for us to convert to a fraction.

What is the 5th equivalent fraction to 1 8?

Decimal and Fraction ConversionFractionEquivalent Fractions6/712/1430/351/82/165/403/86/1615/405/810/1625/4023 more rows

What fraction is 3/5 equivalent to?

1. Write three equivalent fraction of 3/5. Therefore, equivalent fractions of 3/5 are 6/10, 9/15 and 12/20.

What fraction is equivalent to?

In general, if you multiply the numerator and denominator of a fraction by the same (nonzero) number, you get a fraction equivalent to the one you started with.

What is equivalent fraction with example?

Definition: Equivalent fractions are different fractions that name the same number. Let’s look at some more examples of equivalent fractions. Two-thirds is equivalent to four-sixths. The fractions three-fourths, six-eighths, and nine-twelfths are equivalent.

What do you add to 3/4 to make it 1?

You can do this easily when the denominators are the same. – If you add the 1/4, the pie you have left, and the 3/4, the amount of pie you gave away, you get one, because adding 1/4 and 3/4 gives you 4/4 or a whole pie! – If the numerator and denominator of a fraction are the same, then it equals 1.

What fraction is 3/8 equivalent to?

616A fraction that is equivalent to 38 is 616 .