What Does Circumnavigate Mean?

What is the synonym of circumnavigate?

circumnavigate, compass(verb) travel around, either by plane or ship.

“We compassed the earth” Synonyms: dig, savvy, apprehend, grok, compass, get the picture, comprehend, grasp..

What is the fastest trip around the world?

In 2005, Steve Fossett, flying a Virgin Atlantic GlobalFlyer, set the current record for fastest aerial circumnavigation (first non-stop, non-refueled solo circumnavigation in an airplane) in 67 hours, covering 37,000 kilometers.

How fast can we travel around the world?

Thus, the surface of the earth at the equator moves at a speed of 460 meters per second–or roughly 1,000 miles per hour. As schoolchildren, we learn that the earth is moving about our sun in a very nearly circular orbit. It covers this route at a speed of nearly 30 kilometers per second, or 67,000 miles per hour.

What do you think is the first man to circle the globe?

explorer Ferdinand MagellanThe Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan is often credited as being the first person to have circumnavigated the globe, but the reality of his journey is a bit more complicated.

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transitive verb. 1 : to cause to develop out of a primitive state especially : to bring to a technically advanced and rationally ordered stage of cultural development. 2a : educate, refine.

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Who was the first person to circumnavigate the world?

Ferdinand MagellanFerdinand Magellan (1480–1521) was a Portuguese explorer who is credited with masterminding the first expedition to circumnavigate the world. Magellan was sponsored by Spain to travel west across the Atlantic in search of the East Indies.

Is circumnavigate a verb or noun?

verb (used with object), cir·cum·nav·i·gat·ed, cir·cum·nav·i·gat·ing. to sail or fly around; make the circuit of by navigation: to circumnavigate the earth. to go or maneuver around: to circumnavigate the heavy downtown traffic.

How do you use circumnavigate in a sentence?

Circumnavigate in a Sentence 🔉In order to get into the police station, we must first circumnavigate the crowd of protestors. … The explorer wanted to be the first man to circumnavigate the world. … As the hostess for the event, Gina will circumnavigate the ballroom and talk to all of the guests.More items…