What Are Three Features Of Chatter?

What is a chatter post?

Sharing lets you quickly copy a public post to your profile or a group.

This feature is available in Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience..

What are the features of Chatter in Salesforce?

See all of the features that make Chatter the world’s #1 enterprise social network.drive productivity.Accelerate Innovation.Share knowledge.take action anywhere.

What does Chatter mean?

1 : to utter rapid short sounds suggestive of language but inarticulate and indistinct squirrels chattered angrily. 2 : to talk idly, incessantly, or fast. 3a : to click repeatedly or uncontrollably teeth chattering with cold. b : to vibrate rapidly in cutting a chattering tool.

How do you add Chatter to lightning?

How to add Chatter Post in Lightning Experience?Click Setup.Click Feature Settings.Click Chatter.Click Feed Tracking.

What is the difference between Chatter Free and Chatter external?

Chatter License Overview Only customers who are also group managers can invite Chatter users from groups they have access to or people outside Chatter. Chatter External users can view profiles, but they can’t edit them. … Chatter only users have access to reports and dashboards but cannot use global search to find them.

What are examples of chatter items that can be searched in the Salesforce Mobile App?

Chatter: What’s Different or Not Available in the Salesforce…Live feed or live comment updates.Rich text formatting or code snippets in the main feed.Inline images in the main feed—you see a placeholder with the name of the image instead. ( … Multiple attachments on an item in the main feed—only the first attachment is displayed.Previews of links in the main feed.More items…

Where is chatter in lightning?

In Salesforce Classic, you typically access Chatter features from the sidebar on the Chatter tab. In Lightning Experience, access Chatter, colleagues’ profiles (People), and groups from the App Launcher. You can also get to these places from a tab or the overflow menu, depending on what’s showing.

How do I change the layout of my chatter?

From Setup, enter Group Layouts in the Quick Find box, then select Group Layouts.Click Edit next to the group layout that you want to customize, or click New to create a layout.From the palette on the top of the page, drag fields, buttons, and other user interface elements. … To save the layout, click Save.

How do you post on Chatter?

Reference to the user, Chatter group, or record whose feed you want to post to.To post to a user’s feed, enter the user’s ID or username. For example: jsmith@salesforce.com.To post to a Chatter group, enter the group’s name or ID. For example: Entire Organization.To post to a record, enter the record’s ID.

What is Salesforce Chatter?

Salesforce Chatter is a free social collaboration tool similar to Facebook and Twitter, but for organizations on the Salesforce.com platform. Chatter allows users to collaborate securely at work to establish networks, share files and status updates.

Who has permission to edit a chatter profile?

Click Edit. In the Administrative Permissions section, select or deselect Enable Chatter, depending on whether you want users with this profile to have Chatter access. Important The Enable Chatter permission is available only if Chatter profile-based rollout is enabled for your organization.

Who can invite chatter customers into a chatter group?

Owners and managers of private groups can send invitations. If customer invitations are enabled, owners and managers can also invite customers. When someone accepts an invitation to join the group, they join Chatter as well.