Quick Answer: Who Lost 7 Babies In The Crucible?

Who does Mrs Putnam blame for the death of her children?

Goody OsburnPutnam blames Goody Osburn for the deaths of three of her children..

How does Mrs Putnam interpret her babies deaths and her daughter’s illness?

Putnam interpret her babies’ deaths and her daughter’s illness? Mrs. Putnam interprets both incidents as something strange, unnatural, and a punishment, even though she has done nothing wrong. … Abigail drank blood to kill John Proctor’s wife, Elizabeth Proctor.

How many of Mrs Putnam’s children died at birth?

seven babiesAnn Putnam lost seven babies on the night each of them was born. Ruth, her only living child, has become sickly and “secret.” Believing that this sickness, as well as the deaths of her seven babies, is the work of the devil, she sends Ruth to Tituba, a slave woman known for her ability to “speak with the dead.” Mrs.

Is Abigail in love with Mr Putnam?

______F________Abigail is in love with Mr. Putnam. … Putnam’s children died at child birth.

What does Mrs Putnam blame on witchcraft?

Putnam declares that witchcraft is to blame for the loss of his seven infant children, and Mrs. Putnam becomes hostile to Rebecca. She is suspicious because Rebecca has not lost any of her children. Proctor criticizes Parris for preaching about money rather than God.

Why did Mrs Putnam send her daughter to Tituba?

During a conversation between Reverend Parris and Mrs. Putnam, she explains to him that she sent her daughter to Tituba, who can communicate with the dead. Mrs. Putnam has lost seven children and sent Ruth to Tituba in order to conjure their spirits.

Why does Mary give Elizabeth the poppet?

Why did she give the poppet to Elizabeth? Mary tells Elizabeth that she has made the doll in court as something to do that kept her busy. However, Abigail Williams may have instructed Mary Warren to give the poppet to Elizabeth so that she could accuse Elizabeth of witchcraft.

Who is the richest man in the village in the crucible?

Mr. PutnamThe Crucible CharactersABSon of the richest man in the villageMr. Putnamthe Proctor’s girl servantMarythe Putnam’s girl servantMercythe man who accused his wife because she reads a great dealGiles Corey9 more rows

Who had miscarriages in the crucible?

Ann PutnamAnn Putnam is the forty-five-year old wife of Thomas Putnam. She has one daughter, Ruth, but has had seven miscarriages. She is a twisted soul. Ann is accusatory and harsh to many, but also very hurt by the deaths of her babies.

Why did Abigail drink blood?

In act 1 of The Crucible, Abigail drinks blood as a charm to bring about Elizabeth Proctor’s death because she is envious of Elizabeth and desires John Proctor. When Reverend Parris demands to know what the girls have done the previous night, Abigail does not tell him everything.

Who had seven children die in the crucible?

Ann PutnamAnn Putnam is wife to Thomas Putnam and the mother of the afflicted Ruth (who we never see onstage) and seven other dead children (who we also never see onstage — because they’re dead).

What has happened to 7 of Mrs Putnam’s children?

Putnam’s life? Seven of her children died before they were a day old. Ruth was the only survivor. … She wanted to connect with the spirit of her children and find out why they died and see if Tituba can stop what is happening to Ruth.

Why does Ann Putnam want to conjure the dead?

Ann Putnam sent Ruth to conjure up dead spirits to communicate with her seven dead children and believes that this caused her to become ill. … Thomas Putnam is married to Ann Putnam. He is around fifty and is a wealthy landowner. He accuses many people of witchcraft as a sort of revenge against them.

Who quits the court at the end of Act 3?

HaleHale quits the court. He realizes that the girls are liars and that the court is not really accomplishing the work of God.