Quick Answer: Where Is Smart Fill Tool In CorelDraw X7?

Where is Fountain fill in coreldraw x8?

In the Fill section of the Object properties docker, click the Fountain fill button to display fountain fill options.

Click the start node above the color band, open the Node color picker, located below the color band, and choose a color..

What is pattern fill?

A full-color pattern fill (also known as “vector pattern”) is a more complex vector graphic that can be composed of lines and fills. A full-color fill can have color or transparent background. A bitmap pattern fill is a bitmap image whose complexity is determined by its size, image resolution, and bit depth.

What is smart fill tool in CorelDRAW?

Smart Fill tool The smart fill tool works similar to the paint bucket tool in MS Paint; it fills an area enclosed by lines with a color. Normally in Coreldraw you can only fill closed objects. To solve this, the tool creates a new object, exactly the shape of the area it needs to fill.

Where is Fountain fill tool in CorelDRAW x7?

Click Object Object properties. In the Object properties docker, click the Fountain fill button to display fountain fill options. Open the Fill picker, and click a fill thumbnail.

How do I fill a shape in Corel Draw?

In the toolbox, click the Smart fill tool . Type a value in the Gap tolerance box on the property bar. Click inside the enclosed area that you want to fill. A new object is created from the enclosed area, and the selected fill and outline options on the property bar are applied to it.

How do I color in Corel Draw?

To create a color style from an existing image, open that image in CorelDRAW. Select any or all of the objects containing the color you want to use and simply drag them into the gray area at the top of the Color Styles docker (see Fig 2). A new Color Styles palette will then be created.

How do I fill color in Corel Draw x7?

Interactive FillTo apply an interactive fill, click the Interactive Fill tool.Click the object and drag.To change the colors of a fountain fill, drag colors from the color palette to the square handles.or to the fill path.To adjust the direction and progression of a fountain fill, move the square handles and the slider.More items…•

What is the use of Extrude tool in Coreldraw?

Select your shape and use the Extrude Tool, found in the Toolbox under the Blend Tool, to drag your shape out to the left to create a 3D object. You can adjust your shape with the tool itself, or adjust its settings individually in the Property Bar.

How do I color an object in CorelDRAW?

Open the file in CorelDraw X4 or later.Go to Edit|Find and Replace|Replace Objects. … In the Replace Wizard dialog box select Replace a color and click Next. … The next step is to choose the color you are going to find and change it. … Select the Eyedropper tool near the bottom of the color palette menu.More items…•