Quick Answer: What Is The Opposite Word Of Material?

What is the opposite word of cloth?

What is the opposite of clothes?undressesdisrobesdisarraysuntrussesdivestsexposesuncoversopensrevealsstrips off17 more rows.

What is material example?

An example of material is the fabric from which something is made. … An example of material are the facts used in a book. An example of material are the jokes a comedian tells. An example of material is the wood used to build something.

What’s another word for cloth?

clothcotton.goods.material.stuff.bolt.weave.dry goods.yard goods.

What is the opposite word of close?

Antonym of CloseWordAntonymCloseFar, Distant, OpenGet definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

What’s another word for contains?

The words accommodate and hold are common synonyms of contain.

What does contain yourself mean?

1. to not show your emotions. She could hardly contain herself when she saw him arrive.

What is another word for contained?

In this page you can discover 55 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for contain, like: control, hold, be composed of, accommodate, consist of, embrace, bear, embody, exclude, involve and include.

What is the opposite of material wealth?

spiritualisticQuestion : What is the opposite of “materialistic”? Answer : The opposite of “materialistic” is “spiritualistic”. It could also be “ascetic” or “austere”.

What is an antonym for contain?

contain. Antonyms: drop, exclude, extrude, emit, discharge, afford, yield, produce. Synonyms: hold, include, comprise, embrace, comprehend, inclose.

What’s the meaning of materials?

A material is a substance or mixture of substances that constitutes an object. Materials can be pure or impure, living or non-living matter. … New materials can be produced from raw materials by synthesis. In industry, materials are inputs to manufacturing processes to produce products or more complex materials.

What is the opposite word of float?

“The boat would finally settle among the stillness of the waves as Gene quietly dozes off.”…What is the opposite of float?falltumbledropdescendsinksettlelierestreleaserefuse13 more rows

What is the opposite of materials?

Something that’s material has substance, right? You can touch it or it’s important. So the opposite is the word immaterial, which means something that doesn’t matter, or has no physical substance, or which adds nothing to the subject at hand.