Quick Answer: What Do You Mean By Input Process Output?

What is input process and output in education?

The inputs are the objectives and objectified contents that teachers put in while the processes are the methods of delivery of contents.

Outputs are the end-product of educational inputs and process those must be assessed based on objectives [8] .


What is the process of input?

Input: It is captures the data from user, or it is the process of accepting data or information, by using input the computer can do any process. Process: It is the process to convert the input into output. … Storage: It stores the data or information or instructions, for future use.

What is Cippo?

[ˈtʃippo] masculine noun. (celebrativo) memorial stone. (di confine) boundary stone.

What is the output process?

Output: The result (the product/service) produced by the process. Sometimes the output of one process is used as input for the next. … Output is the tangible product or service that is delivered at the end of the process.

What are the involved inputs processes and outputs?

Inputs are the resources invested in accomplishing a task, and typically include time, money, and effort. Process refers to what is done in order to accomplish a task. The output is, obviously, the accomplishment itself. If you can get the same outcome with less work involved, this would be an improvement.

What is input in curriculum?

Curriculum takes content (from external standards and local goals) and shapes it into a plan for how to conduct effective teaching and learning. It is thus more than a list of topics and lists of key facts and skills (the “input” ). … In language teaching, Input refers to the linguistic content of a course.

What are the 10 examples of input devices?

10 Examples of Input DevicesKeyboard.Mouse.Touchpad.Scanner.Digital Camera.Microphone.Joystick.Graphic Tablet.More items…•

What is an input and output in computer?

An input is data that a computer receives. An output is data that a computer sends. Computers only work with digital information. … An input device is something you connect to a computer that sends information into the computer. An output device is something you connect to a computer that has information sent to it.

What is IPO in research?

The Input-Output (IPO) Model is a functional graph that identifies the inputs, outputs, and required processing tasks required to transform inputs into outputs. … The inputs represent the flow of data and materials into the process from the outside.

What does it mean input?

The definition of input is something entered into a machine or other system, the act of entering data or other information, or input can also describe giving one’s help, advice or thoughts. An example of input is the text you type into your computer.

What is an input output diagram?

An Input-Output Diagram is a simple high-level representation of a system that shows: • The major inputs to a system and their suppliers. • The major outputs from a system and their customers.

What is input and output in operation management?

Operations management transforms inputs (labor, capital, equipment, land, buildings, materials, and information) into outputs ( goods and services ) that provide added value to customers. All organizations must strive to maximize the quality of their transformation processes to meet customer needs.

What are 3 input devices?

Computer – Input DevicesKeyboard.Mouse.Joy Stick.Light pen.Track Ball.Scanner.Graphic Tablet.Microphone.More items…

What is input short answer?

1. Any information or data sent to a computer for processing is considered input. Input or user input is sent to a computer using an input device. The picture is an illustration of the difference between input and output. The input example (top) shows data being sent from a keyboard to a computer.

What is meant by input process output cycle?

This is the termed as input Processing output cycle . A computer receives data as input ,processes it, Stores it and then produces output. Processing – the process of transforming input information into an output. …