Quick Answer: How Many Films Rajini Acted Till Now?

Is Petta a flop?

It is said that the film has grossed Rs 237 crore worldwide at the end of 17 days of its theatrical run.

Extraordinary achivement for Rajini, after Kabali,Kaala,2.0 flop in TN.

As of now, Petta has breached the $2.5M-mark, which indicates that the film has minted Rs 17.72 crore in the country..

In which movie Rajini get Superstar title?

BairaviRajinikanth was given the ‘Superstar’ title after the 1978 film ‘Bairavi’, which was directed by M Bhaskar, and produced by Kalaignanam. It was Rajinikanth’s first movie as a solo hero in Tamil cinema.

Is pattas hit or flop?

Pattas, the Dhanush starring mass entertainer has finally completed its lifetime run at the box office. … Despite having a unique theme, Pattas failed to impress the audiences with its cliche narrative and characters that have nothing new to offer.

How old is Kamala Hassan?

66 years (November 7, 1954)Kamal Haasan/Age

What is Kamal Hassan worth?

$ 100 millionKamal HaasanParentsSrinivasan RajalakshmiRelativesCharu Haasan (brother) Chandra Haasan (brother) Nalini (sister)OccupationActor film producer film director screenwriter playback singer lyricist television presenter choreographer dancer philanthropist politicianNet worth$ 100 million (2020)15 more rows

Which is rajini 150th movie?

This film is Rajinikanth’s 150th film. Padayappa released in the year 1999. The makers decided to name the film as Neelambari.

Which is rajini first movie?

Katha SangamaHe made his debut in 1975, playing a minor role in Katha Sangama, a film directed by Kannada director Puttanna Kanagal. That same year he achieved a major breakthrough when he was offered the role of a villain in K. Balachander’s Tamil-language film Apoorva Raagangal.

Is 2 O hit or flop?

Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar’s 2.0, which was a humongous hit in India, is running to near-empty theatres in China, reported news agency IANS. As per an IANS report, 2.0 released in China on September 6 and within a week it collected mere ₹ 22 crore.

Who is highest paid actor in world?

Highest-paid actors of 2020: Dwayne Johnson is No. 1, againDwayne Johnson. Earnings estimate: $87.5 million. … Ryan Reynolds. Earnings estimate: $71.5 million. … Mark Wahlberg. Earnings estimate: $58 million. … Ben Affleck. Earnings estimate: $55 million. … Vin Diesel. … Akshay Kumar. … Lin-Manuel Miranda. … Will Smith.More items…•

How many movies Rajini and Kamal acted together?

16 filmsRajinikanth and Kamal Haasan acted together in nearly 16 films including Apoorva Raagangal, Aval Appadithan, 16 Vayathinile, Ilamai Oonjal Aadukirathu, Thillu Mullu and Ninaithale Inikkum. They were last seen in the Hindi film Geraftaar (1985), in which they featured alongside Amitabh Bachchan.

Who is India No 1 hero?

Follow UsRankActorsStar Power1Shahrukh Khan177052Salman Khan160453Aamir Khan154804Akshay Kumar147303 more rows

Is Rajini left handed?

Rajinikanth. Although Rajni Sir doesn’t require to even lift his hand to do anything, he prefers to use his left hand. His journey as a bus conductor to a movie star has been an inspiring one. Fun Fact: There is an organisation by the name of Indian Left Hander Club fighting for the ‘rights’ of the lefties!

When did rajini become superstar?

1978Rajinikanth was given the ‘Superstar’ title after the 1978 film ‘Bairavi’, which was directed by M Bhaskar, and produced by Kalaignanam. It was Rajinikanth’s first movie as a solo hero in Tamil cinema.

Who is the world’s best actor?

Top 10 Best Actors In The WorldRobert De Niro. Actor | Raging Bull. … Al Pacino. Actor | Serpico. … Mammootty. Actor | Mathilukal. … Tom Hanks. Producer | Cast Away. … Denzel Washington. Actor | Fences. … Michael Caine. Actor | The Dark Knight. … Morgan Freeman. Actor | Se7en. … Leonardo DiCaprio. Actor | Inception.More items…•

Who is the richest Tamil actor?

100 crore, Vijay has beaten actor Rajinikanth to become the highest paid Tamil actor. For his upcoming release Darbar, Rajinikanth was paid a whopping Rs. 90 crore as salary.

What is the salary of Rajinikanth?

Rs 30 croreAccording to reports, Rajinikanth was paid a remuneration of Rs 30 crore, making him the highest paid actor of Kollywood.

Who is best Kamal or Rajini?

Comparison chartKamal HaasanRajinikanthcurrent rating is 4.1/5 1 2 3 4 5 (1763 ratings)current rating is 4.22/5 1 2 3 4 5 (1572 ratings)Children2 – Shruti & Akshara Hassan2 – Aishwarya and Soundarya Rajnikanth9 more rows

Is 2.0 flop or hit?

Shankar’s big-budget Sci-Fi film ‘ 2.0’ starring Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar in the lead roles has exhausted its run at the box office and finished at a little under Rs 186 crore for its Hindi format. The film is the sequel to the 2010 hit film Enthiran (Robot), which starred Rajinikanth and Aishwarya Rai.

Who is the highest paid Tamil actress?

Top 10 Highest Paid Tamil Movie Actress By Salary Per Movie in 2020RANKACTORSALARY1.Nayan thara2-2.5 Crore2.Anushka Shetty1.5-1.75 Crore3.Shruti Haasan1.5 Crore4.Tamanna Bhatia1 Crore6 more rows•Nov 22, 2020

Who is highest paid actor in Telugu?

Highest Paid Tollywood Actors In 2020 Prabhas. Even though most of the top Tollywood heroes are now targeting pan-India image and to increase their market across the country. … Mahesh Babu. Tollywood Superstar Mahesh Babu is reportedly the second highest paid actor in Tollywood after Prabhas. … Pawan Kalyan. … Allu Arjun. … Jr NTR. … Ram Charan.

What does Kamal mean?

perfection and excellenceThe word Kamal is originally Arabic and it means perfection and excellence; also may be used as an abbreviation of Kamal ad-Din. In Persian it means “beauty, perfection, excellence, completion, utmost level”.