Question: Who Is Pattinson Joker?

Who will be Robert Pattinson Joker?

star Lakeith StanfieldA new piece of fan art for Robert Pattinson’s The Batman depicts Uncut Gems and Sorry To Bother You star Lakeith Stanfield as The Joker..

Who is Joaquin Phoenix Joker based on?

Phillips conceived Joker in 2016 and wrote the script with Silver throughout 2017. The two were inspired by 1970s character studies and the films of Martin Scorsese (particularly Taxi Driver and The King of Comedy), who was initially attached to the project as a producer.

Who is the new Joker 2020?

Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker will now be played by Jim Carrey in the next two sequels of the Warner Bros production? Read on to know more about this in details. Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker was a huge sensation last year even bagging many awards for various categories.

Is Jim Carrey The Joker?

Jim Carrey turns into The Clown Prince Of Crime for DC and Warner Bros., replacing Joaquin Phoenix as The Joker in this amazing new image. … Jim Carrey also ventured into the superhero genre when he did Batman Forever and portrayed Edward Nigma a.k.a. The Riddler.

Who is the best Joker?

Jared Leto (Suicide Squad) Movieclips Trailers. … Zach Galifianakis (LEGO Batman) Movieclips Trailers. … Cameron Monaghan (Gotham) We Got This Covered. … Cesar Romero (Batman TV Series) William Rearick. … Joaquin Phoenix (Joker) … Jack Nicholson (Tim Burton Batman) … Mark Hamill (Batman Animated Series) … Heath Ledger (The Dark Knight)

What mental illness does the Joker have?

He has bipolar disorder type 1, most recent episode manic, severe, with psychotic features, and he also has Pseudobulbar affect. That can be treated by medication.

Is Joaquin Phoenix left handed?

Joaquin Phoenix is not left handed.

Who will play Joker in 2021?

Robert PattinsonExclusive: New Joker to be Introduced in Matt Reeves’ The Batman Trilogy. The iconic cape and cowl have been bestowed on numerous actors in DC’s cinematic history, and now the torch has been passed to Robert Pattinson, who will star as Bruce Wayne and his alter ego in 2021’s The Batman.

Is Johnny Depp going to be the Joker?

Legendary actor Johnny Depp is set to star as the eponymous Joker in the next superhero movie The Batman, alongside Robert Pattinson as Batman. In most superhero films, the hero usually wins the fight against the bad guys, and the villain usually dies.

Is Joker in the Batman 2021?

We know the movie’s cast already includes a myriad of the Dark Knight’s classic foes, including Paul Dano as The Riddler and Colin Farrell as Penguin. Now, a fresh new leak reveals the Joker may be joining the villain line-up, and his involvement could be setting up a classic comic book adaptation in The Batman 2.

Will the Joker be in Suicide Squad 2?

Suicide Squad 2: Why Jared Leto’s Joker Isn’t Returning For Gunn’s Sequel. … As mentioned above, The Suicide Squad isn’t a direct sequel to Ayer’s film but it will have most of the characters back, most notably Harley Quinn and Captain Boomerang, but the Joker won’t be involved this time.

What is wrong with Joaquin Phoenix’s shoulder?

Sprengel’s Deformity The most likely diagnosis of Joaquin Phoenix’s shoulder problem (from pure obversation) is Spregel’s Deformity or high scapula. Sprengel’s Deformity is a rare disorder present from birth, in which the shoulder blade (scapula) is too high on one side of the body.