Question: What Was The First Atari?

Who owns the Atari name?

Jack Tramiel1984: The original Atari Inc.

is split into two divisions.

The Atari Consumer Electronics Division properties are sold to Jack Tramiel while Warner keeps the arcade division, Atari Games, Inc..

When did the first Atari game come out?

September 11, 1977Atari 2600/Introduced

Are old Atari games worth anything?

Air Raid is believed to be the rarest of the commercially released games for the Atari 2600. The cartridge by itself usually sells for $3,000. Only two copies are known to exist with the original box. One of them sold for $31,600 in April 2010 and the other for $14,000 in 2012.

How much was Atari in 1980?

What did you think?ConsoleYearOriginal PriceAtari 26001977$199Intellivision1980$299ColecoVision1982$175Atari 52001982$26928 more rows•Sep 18, 2020

Which Atari console is the best?

Atari 2600 Heavy SixerThe Atari 2600 Heavy Sixer is by far the best Atari available. If you can afford 1 this is the model to buy. I’ve read that while the initial version of the 7800 has perfect backwards compatibility, later models have issues with some games.

What was the last Atari console?

The final Atari-licensed release is the PAL-only port of the arcade game KLAX in 1990. After more than 14 years on the market, the 2600 line was formally discontinued on January 1, 1992, along with the Atari 7800 and Atari 8-bit family of home computers.

Is Atari 2600 worth anything?

Atari 2600 This is a home video game console that was introduced and released on September 11, 1977 by Atari. … If you have a Four Switch Woodgrain console, an Atari 2600 Jr, or a “Darth Vader”, they’re worth approximately 30-50 dollars.

What does the Atari logo mean?

“George tells us that the corporate logo basically represents a stylized letter ‘A’ to stand for ‘Atari. … Back in 1972, Atari’s claim to fame was ‘Pong,’ and George says the two side pieces of the Atari symbol represent two opposing video game players, with the center line of the ‘Pong’ court in the middle.”

What killed Atari?

Perhaps the most famous flop in video game history, ET: The Extra Terrestrial single handily killed the 2600, cost Atari millions of dollars and €“ more importantly €“ its reputation.

What was the first Atari console?

The iconic gaming company, known for classic titles such as Pong, released its first home console, the 2600, in 1977. It went on to launch several generations of consoles before it was overtaken by Nintendo, Sega and Sony, and its last full release was the Atari Jaguar in 1993.

What was the original Atari called?

Syzygy Co.Their company – originally called Syzygy Co. – was founded in 1971. Upon discovering that the name was already in use in California, the duo changed it to Atari, Inc in 1972. The word “ataru” literally means “to hit a target” in Japanese and is associated with good fortune.

How much is an original Atari worth?

Dear OSG, It’s true that prices vary wildly for Atari 2600 consoles: we’ve seen second-hand units go for between $15 and $1000+. The value of your system will depend on which version you own (there are several), its overall condition and the rarity of the included games.