Question: What Is The Name RAY Short For?

Is Ray an Irish name?

In some cases it originate from a nickname, derived from the Old French rei, roy, meaning “king”, which was sometimes also used as a personal name.

In other cases, the surname is derived from the Scottish Gaelic Mac Raith, a surname derived from the Gaelic personal name Macraith, “son of grace”..

Is trace a boy or girl name?

Trace as a boy’s name (also used as girl’s name Trace). From the English word, or possibly a variant of Tracy.

What is the most rare name?

Rare Girl’s NamesAlabama.Arantxa — This Basque name was given to 46 baby girls in 2014.Atlas.Bentlee.Chichi.Diem.Drishti.Esma.More items…•

What does name Trey mean?

Trey as a boy’s name is pronounced tray. It is of Middle English origin, and the meaning of Trey is “three”. … Similar Names.

What is the name Rae short for?

Rae as a girl’s name is a short form of the Hebrew name Rachel meaning “ewe or female sheep”. It is also a feminine form of Ray.

What is the name Trace short for?

In brief, Trace is a masculine abbreviated form of the unisex name Tracy. … The Norman baronial name was used in reference to the “domain belonging to Thracius” (from the classical Roman-Gallo personal name Thracius meaning “of Thracia”).

Is Ray a cool name?

Ray, still and forever, is one of the all-time hippest boys’ names, with its jazzy Ray Charles biopic overtones. It’s one of the coolest middle names), but works perfectly fine as a first. … Ray might still be short for Raymond or a more unusual formal name such as Rainier or Rayford, but it can also stand on its own.

What is the origin of Ray?

The saga of the name Ray begins with a Strathclyde-Briton family in the ancient Scottish/English Borderlands. It is a name for a person known as a timid or shy person. Further research revealed that the name is derived from the Old English word ray, that referred to a roe or female deer.

Is Rae a word?

proper noun A diminutive of Rachel , often used as a female middle name . proper noun A male given name , a rare variant of Ray .

What is Ray a nickname for?

Ray as a boy’s name (also used as girl’s name Ray), is pronounced ray. It is of English origin. A short form of Raymond used as an independent name in the 20th century and also in contemporary blends.

Where does the word ray come from?

Ray comes to English through Old French rai, from Latin radius (spoke).

What caste is Roy?

Roy is not only an upper caste surname, in North Bengal a substantial section of the people who are scheduled castes have Roy as their surname.

What does Rae mean in Irish?

Surname Dictionary SS. Ray. Quite numerous: Dublin, Down etc. English, denoting “king” – some confusion with Scottish Rae and Irish Rea, q.v. Rea.

What is trade name mean?

A trade name is the official name under which an individual as a sole proprietor or a company chooses to do business. A trade name is commonly known as a doing business as (DBA) name.