How Do You Get The Red Tunic In A Link Between Worlds?

Where can I find Master ore?

A Link Between Worlds Master Ore LocationsNumberLocationRequirements1Thieves’ HideoutNone2Skull WoodsNone3Dark PalaceBombs4Philosopher’s CaveTitan’s Mitt.

Shoot an arrow from the Bow of Light at him when he merges into the wall, and then quickly shoot an arrow in the other direction. The arrow will go all the way around and hit him. Slash at him with your sword when he is stunned until he’s defeated.

Where is the cane of Byrna?

Dark World’s Death MountainThe Cane of Byrna can be found in a cave on the Dark World’s Death Mountain. To reach it, Link must jump from the ledge south of the Magical Warp Tile just south of Ganon’s Tower.

The Red Mail is found in Lorule Castle on the 4th floor. It can be found by defusing the torches revealing 2 invisible chains which can be walked across. Open up the Big Chest and the damage you recieve will be halved again.

A Link Between Worlds The Blue Mail is found in the Swamp Palace. On the bottom floor, if Link uses the Hookshot to drain the water to its lowest level, he can swim forward into the floor’s center room, which contains the Blue Mail.

The Red Mail in A Link to the Past is found within Ganon’s Tower. It reduces damage by ¼ over the Green Jerkin and ½ over the Blue Mail. Although the Red Mail is not required to complete the game, it helps considerably with the rest of Ganon’s Tower and the fight with Ganon himself.

The Hylian Shield can be found in a big chest at Turtle Rock, a dungeon in Lorule. The Hylian Shield is bigger than the regular shield and can block magic attacks. Now to get this shield in Turtle Rock dungeon, you need to kill yourself some Wizzrobes.

LoruleThe Swamp Palace is located at the south-central portion of Lorule. However, it is flooded with water, preventing you from navigating inside. The massive boulder found just in front of the palace will need to be destroyed first, allowing water to flow.

Ice will fall from the ceiling, landing on the floor and then splitting in four directions. Link must use a fire attack in order to defeat this first simple phase. It will take 8 shots with the Fire Rod, or alternatively and more efficiently, a single use of the Bombos Medallion to defeat the first phase of Kholdstare.

The Blue Mail is the second Mail Link can wear in A Link to the Past. It is hidden in a Big Chest in the Ice Palace of the Dark World. When Link wears it, the damage taken from enemies is reduced by half of the damage received with the Green Jerkin.

Master Ores can be found inside the Dark Palace, Thieves’ Hideout, Skull Woods, and the Sanctuary of Lorule. They can be used to upgrade the Master Sword. Each upgrade requires two chunks of Master Ore. The first upgrade is done by the Blacksmith in Hyrule, while the second upgrade is done by the Blacksmith in Lorule.

Travel to the Light World with him and go to the Blacksmith’s House due east of Kakariko Village. Once this is done, leave the house, go back in and give them your Master Sword. Leave the house and screen again, then go back, and pick up your Tempered Sword!