How Do You Access The Sketch Environment?

How do you access the sketch environment in Fusion 360?

To display a sketch in a drawing view in Fusion 360 drawing environment:Unfold the browser tree in the drawing environment.Locate the sketch in the subfolders.Click the eye* next to the Sketches folder containing the sketch to show it.Click the eye* next to the sketch to show it..

What is a marking menu and how do you access it?

The Marking Menus allow you to speed up interaction by putting the tools you use most into pop-up palettes. These appear at your cursor location so that you reduce the ‘mouse travel’ needed to go to the menu or palette tools. Use CTRL + SHIFT together, and the three mouse buttons to access the three Marking Menus.

What is the marking menu Fusion 360?

Using the right click menu in Fusion 360 brings up a context menu. At the top is a radial menu called a marking menu. … We will focus on the marking menu and ways to use it to speed up access to common commands.

Why are my lines Blue in Fusion 360?

Blue lines mean that the sketch object is not fully constrained and dimensioned also sometimes referred to as not fully defined. … So when you start sketching a circle and it snaps to the sketch origin, it will be constrained to that sketch origin, but will still be blue. When you then dimension it it will turn black.

What is the purpose of creating a sketch on a plane in Fusion 360?

Autodesk Fusion 360 is a powerful sketch-based CAD/CAM design tool that is FREE for hobbyist makers. The tool allows one to make two-dimensional CAD drawings and extend them into the third dimension by adding what Autodesk calls “features” to your drawings.

When trying to fully define a sketch you can use dimensions or what?

You can use the Fully Define Sketch PropertyManager to apply dimensions and relations calculated by SOLIDWORKS to automatically fully define the sketch. Click the Fully Define Sketch button from the Dimensions/Relations toolbar or pull down the Tools menu and pick Dimensions > Fully Define Sketch.

What is a construction line?

Construction lines (also known as xlines) are temporary linework entities that can be used as references when creating and positioning other objects or linework. For example, you can use construction lines to prepare multiple views of the same item, or create temporary intersections to serve as object snaps.

How do you thicken a line in Fusion 360?

You cannot thicken a line directly to a solid. You would either need to sketch a profile to extrude, or you could extrude the line to a surface (in the patch workspace), and then use thicken on this surface.

What is a sketch in Fusion 360?

This class will discuss how to get the most out of Fusion 360 sketching. Sketching is where your design starts. The success or failure of your design depends on having good sketches. This can be a challenge in any CAD software.

How do I change the orientation of my Fusion 360?

To change the default orientation:Click your name in the upper-right corner, and then choose Preferences from the drop-down menu.On the General tab, for Default Modeling Orientation, choose Y Up or Z Up.

How would you launch the marking menu in Fusion?

2. How would you launch the Marking Menu in Fusion? Click File > Marking Menu. Click to Show Data Panel > Marking Menu.

Why is my sketch locked Fusion 360?

The lock symbol on a sketch means it is fully constrained (this is preferable). Also – you should take care of warnings in the timeline.

How is a sketch different from a plan?

Sketches are layouts of an intended action particularly refers to drawings, that usually have fewer details and are not considered as final drafts. Plans on the other hand, are systematic layout of ideas in a step by step manner that indicates activities to be carried out in their order.