How Do I Add Sound To My 2004 MX Flash?

How many types of keyframes are there in Flash?

Tweened frames are always part of a tween sequence consisting of two keyframes and any number of frames in between.

The frames between the two keyframes represent computer-calculated graphics.

You can perform two types of tweening with Flash: motion tweening and shape tweening..

What is the extension of Flash file?

File formats Flash Professional CS5.5 can openFile formatFilename extensionsAdobe Flash authoring FileFLAActionScript FileASFlash XML FileXMLCompiled Flash fileSWF2 more rows•Apr 5, 2017

What is a blank keyframe?

A keyframe is a frame where a new symbol instance appears in the timeline. … You can also add a blank keyframe to the timeline as a placeholder for symbols you plan to add later or to explicitly leave the frame blank.

How do I add audio to my Macromedia Flash?

Open Adobe Flash (or Macromedia flash) and select actionscript 2.0 or 3.0 as your version. Create a new layer. Then go to “file” menu on the top and select ->”import to library” from the drop down, browse to the location on to the hard disk and select the audio file.

How do you add sound to Flash 8?

To add sound to Flash movies, you must import sound clips to the library and then attach instances of the sound clips to key-frames. You can access sounds and control synchronization of sounds via the Frame Properties tab of the Property inspector. Flash offers a limited form of sound editing.

How do you add sound to an animated CC?

To import an audio file to library, select File > Import > Import To Library and select the audio file that you want to import. To import an audio file to stage, select File > Import > Import To Stage and select the audio file that you want to import. Drag-and-drop the audio file directly to the stage.

How do you edit sound in flash?

How to Edit Sounds in Flash CS5Select the keyframe on which the sound is placed.In the Property inspector, locate and click the Edit Sound Envelope button (the pencil icon to the right of the Effect drop-down list) in the Sound section. … Move these sliders to edit the in and out points of the sound or to trim unnecessary silence.More items…

What are keyframes in Flash?

A property keyframe is a frame in which you define a change to an object’s properties for an animation. Flash can tween, or automatically fill in, the property values between the property keyframes in order to produce fluid animations.