How Can I Remove Text From An Image In Corel Draw X5?

How can I edit a scanned JPEG file?

Edit Scanned Documents as Word or Text FilesOpen the scanned document image.Click “File”, and select “Save As.” Change the file extension from JPEG to the TIFF file format.

Click the system icon on the task bar, and navigate to “Microsoft Office Tools.” Then open “Microsoft Office Document Imaging.”More items….

Which is better Photoshop or CorelDraw?

Winner: Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop has a wider variety of features than CorelDraw. While CorelDraw is still a powerful vector-editing program, Photoshop’s tools offer more precision, and you can do more with the software. Examples include animation, raster-based illustration, and more.

How do I lighten an image in Corel Draw?

Move the Brightness slider to the right to lighten the image; move the slider to the left to darken the image. Move the Contrast slider to the right to make the light areas lighter and the dark areas darker. Move the Highlights slider to brighten or darken the lightest areas of the image.

How can I remove text from an image in Corel Draw x7?

Select your picture and then use the Object->PowerClip tool, from the menu, and then select Place Inside Container. At this point, your cursor changes to a fat arrow. Select the text. Voila!

How do I make an image transparent in Corel Draw x5?

Select the white shape with the Pick tool then activate the Transparency tool. You can select the Fountain Transparency icon in the Property bar, or simply click and drag inside the white shape from the top down to the bottom.

How do I edit text in a picture in Corel Draw?

You can’t edit text in a jpeg. All you can do with this (can’t see it but here goes) is mask out / paint over / crop off the text and retype the new text. You can redo the text in Corel Draw or many other layout programs but editing out the text is best done in PhotoShop.

How do I remove text from a picture in Word?

Drag the mouse until you select all wrapped text, except the first word, and release the left mouse button. If you attempt to select the first word, you can accidentally select the image and delete it.

How do I remove the background from a picture in Corel Draw x7?

Go to Bitmaps > Bitmap Color Mask, confirm that Hide Colors is selected, and check the box for the first color selection slot. Select the eyedropper below the color selections and click the background color you want to remove. Click Apply when finished.

How can I remove text from an image in Corel Draw?

Select the Object Remover tool.Drag around area you want to remove.It’s just that easy to remove a distraction or unwanted portion of an image using the Object Remover tool in Corel PaintShop Pro.Another method of removing objects in PaintShop Pro is with the Smart Carver tool.More items…•

How can I edit a JPEG in CorelDRAW?

Convert JPEGLaunch Corel PaintShop Pro X4 and press “Ctrl-O” to view the Open window.Locate your JPG in the list of files and double-click that file to open it.Click the “Selection Tool” and draw a selection anywhere on the image.Click “File,” select “Save As” and type a name in the “File Name” text box.More items…

How can I edit a photo in Corel Draw x7?

By Suzanne SmithStart by importing an image in to CorelDRAW and pressing the +-key on the numerical keypad to create a copy (you should see two instances of the bitmap in the Object Manager).With the top image selected, click on: Edit Bitmap in the Property Bar to take the image into Corel PHOTO-PAINT.More items…

How do I edit an object in Corel Draw?

Use the Pick Tool to select the object and look in the object manager to locate it. If I am correct you will see PowerClip followed by more information. To edit the text you would have to right click on the PowerClip (Text) and chose Edit Contents.

What is the use of text tool in CorelDraw?

CorelDRAW’s Text tool can create two types of text: artistic text is great for when you only need to add a word, or a line or two, and paragraph text can be used when you have more to say.

How do I cut a shape in Corel Draw?

Hold down Shift, and click the target object. Click Arrange Shaping Trim. If you marquee select the objects, CorelDRAW trims the bottom-most selected object. If you select multiple objects individually, the last object selected is trimmed.