The Witcher 3: 64/32 Bit Pubby RePack Free Download Torrent

The Witcher 3: 64/32 Bit Pubby RePack Free Download Torrent The Witcher 3:




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The Witcher 3:

Features Release

The version of the scene in a non-MB

The addition of additional voice tags: USA

A translation of GUI / left intact captions Movie

NADA is rebuilt

In the optional luggage voice recordings included in the game with some options downloads combine the entire text translation

100% perfect and lossless MD5: All files are identical to the original after installation

Ready for public Gog dots, create registry entries (open notifications after installation and playif you registerNo have created entries)

File size significantly smaller (GB tablet has accumulated ~ 56 MB, depending on language package)

SSD for the CPU receives the 30+ and the 8000 baths, of education; ~ 4 and 50 minutes of CPU + SSD 1000 cps 1 hour 10 minutes 4 ~ + HDD CPU thousands of liters, 2 to 2 hours in HDD CPU + thousand cows. The HDD Do not leave anyone in the scope of the load during installation. Torrent Cache like Deactivating party client software.

spatiumferreusdrive after installation: 61 * 36 GB (depending package selected language)

XDeFiAnCe uses the library pZlib Razor12911

Polo is played in 2GB of RAM (incl. Virtual) required for reinstalling


You can ignore files to voice download and action is required.

Here is a list of optional files (you need to have at least one package of the conversation);

For example, if you want to skip the game 3 / Subtitles / Russian voice recordingsfiles selective

Download all the big files



FollowStrook game 3 PC * * Year Edition

(100) 400 Project Gratulatio

Date: October 30, 2016

Type of game, roleplay – Adventure – Final

Language: English / (MULTi15)

Protection: none

game notes

In the generation of story-driven open witcher

The RPG world, but visually

fantasy universe filled with meaningful electionibusquod

shocking consequences. And playing in witch

Geral the streams hunter of monsters who are responsible for the find

That child isold prophecy.

preposition systematic manner;

Windows OS, Windows 7 64-bit or 64-bit Windows 8 ()

Processor, Intel Pentium 3 processor or Intel Core i5-2500K 4 940

Memory: 6 GB RAM

Graphics: GeForce GTX 660 / AMD (7) 870 GPU

Hard disk: 60 GB of available space

DirectX 11

For more information:


1. Start

II.Secundum installation tools developer learned.

3. Start (optional)

4. play

NOTES: – For what reason? This does not include GOTY;

400 ProjectGOTY released first, then change

itis without any new separadoActualizar

The big difference is that the ALO includes an installer that sits

It includes a small, but he put on the layer of some of the game in the tournament, all the

A wide and diverse languages ​​and the present

lacusexclusive. The installer is now the AIO (all in one) game

Default is that language, if necessary, so that the Russian language

And so you kind of inbelli

From languages, or from the work of the tricks was here to gather with me of the above,

GOTY editionof the river that does not do gog

the gog

Todo¡Os our friends and allies around the world!

/ \\

Gog / __ Since 2008

/ \\\\

/ \ __ / __ \\

But what the parts of the software product of support!

If you want to buy the product, writers earn support software



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Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 32-Bit PC Download Torrent

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 32-Bit PC Download Torrent Pro Evolution Soccer 2018




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Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

Summary: The PES integration in the league is competing with the PES League in new ways, including myClub

R E L A S E D F O R Y u







PROTECTION Steam + Denuvo x64

File N Arts 91x250MB

PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER2018 – Barcelona FC FC Cost Package

Special edition dedicated to FC Barcelona and PES

fans! Get extra content for my club connected to the club!

1x special FCB

Special agent of the FCB legend

1000 myClub coins

Bonus My Club Content:

Launch agents4 times

1x Club Club Agent

10,000 GP 10 weeks

================================================== ============

PES 2018 new features:

Masterclass Gameplay – Strategic Shake, Real Touch + e

New figures bring the game to the next level

Present review: new menus and images of real players

Integrating the Leagueof PES – Competition with the PES League in new ways


CoopOnline: A special co-op mode has recently been added

Random Choice: Recommend your favorites with new ones

presentation and features

Meesterliga Update – New season tournaments have improved

transmission system, presentationsand functionality

Improved visual reality – new lighting, reproduction models of players

and animations that cover everything from face to face

the movement of the body to give life to life


– burn the image

– Install the game

Copy orcrack


Never always numbers, never exceed

– The game is updated to the latest version and includes everything



OS: Windows 10, 8, 7 SP1 (64 bits)

Processor: Intel Core i5-3450 / AMD FX 4100

Memory: 8 GB RAM

Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 650 / AMD Radeon HD 7750

DirectX: Version 11

Storage: 30 GB freeplace

it is recommended:

OS: Windows 10, 8, 7 SP1 (64 bits)

Processor: Intel Core i7-3770 / AMD FX 4170

Memory: 8 GB RAM

Graphics: NVIDIAGTX 660 / AMD Radeon HD 7950

DirectX: Version 11

storage: 30 GB of free space

Click thumbnails to view full size images

Thanks to the original encoder and charger

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