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LibreOffice is a suite of products and management services for all your computers.

Like any other open product package, LibreOffice can compare a set of office tools with Microsoft Office itself. LibreOffice offers six office management tools to meet your project management needs: text files, tables, presentations, drawings, databases and formulas.

Text is synonymous with Microsoft Word, spreadsheets like Excel. Mirror Presentation MicrosoftPowerPoint and database with similar access. Then you have two extra projects in the drawing and formulas, the extra money for the entire package. It is compatible with LibreOffice file format Microsoft Office and its support for support. It also has its own document Open Document.

Unfortunately, if you do not know Microsoft Office products, you can use the program for more time, especially if you want to be an advanced feature. Microsoft Office users have similar LibreOffice interfacesThey seek to use the methods of using projects without difficulty.

A very important option for Microsoft Office, LibreOffice is an important step in managing your business project.

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